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A company is a distinct legal entity separate from its shareholders or officers. Consider this structure if you want limited liability but be aware of strict legal obligations and set up costs. Software is now so pervasive it can be hard to tell what constitutes a software company According to the NASSCOM Report, IT export revenues from India grew by 8.3% to an estimated $136 billion in the fiscal year 2019. Technological innovations are reshaping the world we live in. Exponential advances across technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics, IoT, augmented and virtual reality would continue to transform every aspect of human life.

This article is about the list of Top IT companies in India based on Total Sales before That take a look at the IT Industry in India. India is the hub of biggest IT companies.

1. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)

Market Cap: $1.94 trillion

Microsoft provides the windows computer operating systems software, Microsoft is one of the top cloud provider, it provides Azure cloud computing service. Most of the companies use its cloud service to host their infrastructure. The largest software company in the world also develops server applications, as well as tablets and video game consoles.


Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)


2. Oracle Corp. (ORCL)

Market Cap: $186.6 billion

Oracle supplies cloud infrastructure and enterprise software applications, including the database software that drove its success. It also provides server and storage hardware, and distributes Java programming tools. Oracle develops software for use in sales, service, marketing, finance, human resources, logistics, and manufacturing. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers higher performance, security, and cost savings. It is designed so businesses can move workloads easily from on-premises systems to the cloud, and between cloud and on-premises and other clouds. Oracle Cloud applications provide business leaders with modern applications that help them innovate, attains sustainable growth, and become more resilient.


 Oracle Corp. (ORCL)



Market Cap: $117.7 billion

SAP is a Germany-based multinational software company specializing in enterprise applications. SAP provides management and e-commerce software, as well as a range of services that includes training and consulting on software management and integrations.




4. Inc. (CRM)

Market Cap: $158.9 billion

Sales force is a leading provider of customer relationship management software and services for business clients. It offers tools for marketing automation, customer service, operations, sales, and more. It also owns Slack, the workplace collaboration messaging service. Sales force also operates a cloud platform that allows customers and developers to create and run business-related applications. Inc. (CRM)

5. Block Inc. (SQ)

Market Cap: $48.4 billion

Block is a payments software company, and its Cash App is a popular peer-to-peer payments service. The company also provides point-of-sale software and hardware as well as software tools for digital receipts, sales reports, and inventory analysis.


Block Inc. (SQ)


6. Adobe Inc. (ADBE)

Market Cap: $192.3 billion

Adobe sells the popular Illustrator graphic design software as well as the Acrobat document editing and Photoshop photo editing tools, among other multimedia, creativity, and digital marketing product offerings.


Adobe Inc. (ADBE)


7. VMware Inc. (VMW)

Market Cap: $50.3 billion

VMware is a cloud computing and virtualization software company specializing in computer technology management products. Its software allows users to emulate personal computer operating environments on servers or desktop processors.

In May 2022, VMWare was reportedly engaged in talks to be acquired by chip maker Broadcom Inc. (AVGO).


VMware Inc. (VMW)

8. Intuit Inc. (INTU)

Market Cap: $105 billion

Business and financial software provider Intuit is best known for its Quick Books accounting software and Turbo Tax tax preparation offering. The company markets its products to consumers, small businesses, and accountants.

Intuit Inc. (INTU)

9. Compass Inc. (COMP)

Market Cap: $2.5 billion

Compass is an online real estate platform with an integrated suite of marketing and customer relationship management software.

Compass Inc. (COMP)

10. ServiceNow Inc. (NOW)

Market Cap: $86.2 billion

Service Now is a cloud computing platform focused on optimizing digital workflows and providing IT services management for enterprise clients.

ServiceNow Inc. (NOW)

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